The Tradecloud digital platform offers unique automated and integrated import trade features for any import and export business in a synergistic manner:

Purchasing, shipping, treasury, import finance, and cost accounting are just a few of the key service areas and functionality available.

The import trade process is complicated when it comes to managing supply chain logistics, and it necessitates substantial documentation throughout the life of an import transaction. Orders; Packing Slips; Supplier Invoices; Product Certificates; Inspection Certificates; Transport Waybills; Bills of Lading; Bills of Exit; Customs Clearing; Freight Manifests; Bills of Entry; Customs Entry; Port Charges; Airway Bills; and so on are among the most important documents in the import trade process.

The Tradecloud digital platform simplifies the import trade process by combining extensive document management features to address the need to eliminate manual shipping files in support of import trade shipments.

The Tradecloud platform includes:

  • Configurability to specify and manage documents required to be uploaded into Tradecloud DMS; before a shipment can be signed off as complete.
  • Reports and triggers for outstanding documents to be followed up on so that shipments can be finalized and signed off
  • Automatic send and receive document emails, automating document loading and storage

The Tradecloud digital platform not only offers complete document management capabilities, but it also considerably minimizes the difficulties involved with all areas of supply chain logistics, resulting in an import solution that can be appropriately configured to every import and export organization.