Import orders and shipments are processed for you from foreign source to local delivery. A lower delivered cost
per unit of product imported is achieved through consolidating volumes and maximising economies of scale.
The delivered cost per unit in local currency can be locked down with foreign exchange cover on sign
off of approved orders with full visibility of the process provided by Tradecloud Revolution.
The offering also Includes import clearing and logistics services


A Pre-Order, Real Time, Accurate, Delivered Cost Per Unit of Product

Track and Trace of Order Status throughout the Import Process

Reports and Updates throughout the Transaction

Post-Delivered Actual Cost per Unit of Product

Access to Foreign Exchange and Trade Finance



What is included in the Tradecloud
Revolution offering?

• An all-inclusive landed cost per unit of product imported
• A full import implementation service
• All logistics, foreign exchange and other services
• Import forwarding and clearing services
• Required outsource services relating to import trade

I want to use Tradecloud Revolution for
my business, what do I do now?

You contact us using the “Get in touch” link below or email
us at

Is my import data secure, backed up, accessible and confidential?

all data resides in secure databases in the cloud with aMazon Web Services (AWS). The highest possible levels of security and monitoring  are applied and acces is strictly controlled.

What does Tradecloud Revolution cost?

Cost per unit of product includes service fee.
Test our cost to benefit service.

“I have been very impressed with the stability, availability and accessibility of the Tradecloud services. The response of the service is swift and there have been very few instances where the TC service has been unavailable.”


Jean Roux
Senior Software Engineer

The Foschini Group 

“The Tradecloud team is knowledgeable and the support received pre and post implementation was excellent. I would also like to add that Tradecloud is keen to improve their product for the benefit of all their customers.”

Karen Pieterse
Senior Business Analyst

The Foschini Group 

“The Tradecloud solution has resulted in improved efficiencies and visibility in our import supply chain. It has saved time and costs and continues to add value for our business”

Mike Tolliss
Chief Financial Officer

Auto & Truck Tyres

“We have used the Tradecloud Export system for the last 6 years and I am constantly amazed by how easy and user friendly the system is. We are able to generate massive export shipments in under 5 minutes.”

Taufeeq Najaar
Group Shipping Manager

The Clicks Group

“We use the Tradecloud Document Management System for our Import files and have unlocked huge efficiencies as well as direct time and cost savings. We are looking forward to what else Tradecloud can deliver!”

Taufeeq Najaar
Group Shipping Manager

The Clicks Group


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      Leon Raff | | +27 83 469 1677
      Schalk Van Heerden | | +27 83 654 6111

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