The Tradecloud global supply chain platform delivers a unique, automated, and integrated service for import trade as the world becomes more digital.

Importing goods from any point of origin to any point of destination is a complicated process for an import and export company, and it necessitates comprehensive digital capability to support the wide range of global supply chain activities.

In the world of digital platforms, servicing international commerce requires specialized capabilities in the following important areas: purchasing, shipping, treasury, import finance, and accounting. Tradecloud has mastered this functionality while providing a total import solution to a blue-chip corporate client base via Software as a Service (SaaS).  

Covid19 has caused disruption in the global supply chain logistics industry, which has been compounded by major shipping lines expanding their services beyond shipping to include forwarding, freight, clearing, warehousing, and distribution. As a result, import and export companies now require access to an import solution that includes automated and integrated door-to-door logistics flows as well as matching end-to-end financial flows, allowing them to improve risk management, cost control, and lead time optimization in their import trade processes.

Traditional global supply chain logistics and financial service providers do not offer the Tradecloud digital platform’s unique features, which are crucial for effective global trade management.

For every import or export business, large or small, accurate real-time delivered cost per unit of product imported is critical. Only having the logistics cost on hand makes it impossible to select products for import commerce with appropriate cost and margin management.

This is where Tradecloud differentiates itself by automating and integrating the entire import trade process, streamlining the supply chain logistics management process.

Another significant component of establishing a complete digital import trade platform is extensive treasury functions that form part of import trade.

Interactive contact between buyers and suppliers, document management, and data mining with dynamic reporting are other major components of the comprehensive import trade offering. The Tradecloud digital platform provides a complete import trade solution for import and export enterprises, considerably minimizing the difficulties that come with global supply chains.