If you import a minimum of 30 containers weekly and/or have 500+ import product lines, the Tradecloud import software provides the essential solution with its unique automated and integrated system and service to import businesses.

Importing is a complicated operation, and in the world of global supply chain management, it necessitates specialized capabilities in Buying, Shipping, Treasury, Import Finance, and Accounting.

As a leading global trade management Software as a Service provider, Tradecloud has perfected its import software solution while serving a blue-chip corporate client base (SaaS).  

In a competitive import software platform environment, the import buying activity for an import and export business demands an accurate delivered Estimated Landed Cost (ELC) of product. This allows for product evaluation and selection for import.

An ELC is an all-inclusive cost per unit that includes supplier price and charges, foreign exchange conversion to local currency, and proper allocation to items of all door-to-door logistics costs such as forwarding, freight, clearing, import duty, warehousing, and local distribution. Tradecloud delivers that ELC, dramatically reducing the time it takes to manage your global supply chain and increasing efficiencies.

Buyers must interact with their suppliers to discuss and agree pricing, quantity, and timing once they have an accurate, real-time ELC. The Tradecloud import software provides an interactive communication platform that allows buyers and suppliers to collaborate and negotiate.

When a buyer is ready to place an order, the next Tradecloud best practice step is supplier confirmation with pro forma invoice supported by an accurate Confirmed Landed Cost (CLC).

When it comes to your import and export business needs, Tradecloud import software offers the best import solution for import buying while also streamlining your global supply chain management procedures.